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    EOC Feature requests


      1) Ability to use default account settings for users to access remote Orion's. Reason - The remote Orion's are displayed on EOC as a single-pane-of-glass viewer and most users do not have personal accounts on the remote Orion's. It will be an additional burden for the remote Orion admin's to have to create an EOC user as well as the EOC user having to remember the account information for each Orion. This will also reduce the amount of administration for the EOC administrator when adding a new user to EOC and not having to enter in different username/password's for each user - unless the EOC user is set for User Managed Credentials.

      2) Ability to assign a view to a user or role. Reason - All users in EOC, like Orion, may not all want to see the same home view. These should be customizable to each role or user. Say for instance I have EOC operating and the local management wants to see the Orion's responsible for the East coast and a role is defined for them to see that view with those Orion's. Then the West coast management the same thing. East doesn't care about West, etc..

      Make sense?