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    Blackout / Maintenance Windows


      I would like to see Blackout time & Maintenance Windows intergrated within the NPM web console.

      I know I can unmanage a server, but I don't want to do that every day or one a week for my servers that reboot on a schedule.

      Other products are able to accomplish this, even free ones. I think this would be what everyone would like to see.

      Re: Version 9.1 - Scheduled, recurring blackout windows / maintenance windows

      Brad's screenshots are exactly what I am looking for and I think a lot of others are too.

      I know I can write a script to update a column, but if that script fails to write, or clear a "Suppress" value within the DB, then I will not be alerted. Also, if I have to change times, I have to remember my script.

      Also, I don't want to create multiple Alert rules for every blackout time that I have, as then it become cumbersome to maintain the Alerts.

      I think this would be a welcomed addition.