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    Universal Device Poller SNMP table labels

      I am trying to setup a custom SNMP poller that retrives a table of vlaues from our Sophos Email appliance. 

      In my specfic case, the table contains total number of messages recieved, broken down by message type - which is one of the following: Legit, Blocked, Offensive, Virus, Suspect, Spam, Keyword, Restricted, Invalid Recipient, Encrypted, Unscannnable. 

      In order for Solarwinds to generate a table that uses the labels I just mentioned above, I am attempting to assign labels using the

      "Use labels from a table column" method.  

      Under Select a device. I chosse the follwoing:



      email1 (this is a Sophos appliance / host)

      I hit the test button and 5 columns are displayed.  Column 2 contains the list of values / labels I want to use. I select column 2 and then press Finish.  When I attempt to to pull up the table in the Orion Web interface, the labels I had selected do not appear.   What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


      - Dave