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    alerts based on trap combos over time


      is there a way to setup alerts based on traps that have not "reset" after a certain interval?


      For example. We have several sites that are not exactly stable when it comes to AC power, so they are switching to battery for less than a second or two.  What I would like is to receive a "ups on battery" trap, and if NPM doesnt see a "UPS on AC power" trap (from the same unit) within 30 seconds, fire off an alert. (if it does reset before 30 seconds, do nothing).

      logically there would be two scenarios:

      UPS on battery (wait 30 seconds)--->alert.

      UPS on battery, (10 second interval)UPS on AC Power--->do nothing


      Is that possible?

      We dont need to be alerted on every last hiccup, but we do need to be notified when the UPS is on battery for longer than 30 seconds, as we have found if its not back on within a minute, its going to be out for several hours. In that case we need to start prepping for dealing with an extended outage.

      We are currently using the web config of our UPS units, but trying to keep those sync'd (or even configured properly) is a nightmare, so I would like to just setup traps and sort it all out with alerts and filters when we receive them.