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    Bandwidth Utilization

      Hi to all,

                   How to check the solarwinds bandwidth utilization on the server.




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          Can you provide more info?  Are you just looking to see the util on the Orion server?  You can add the local Orion server to NPM or if you have toolset, you can use that.

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              I am using solarwinds application on a server, network team says it uses more bandwidth due to polling and statistic collection. how i can reduce that and is there any other way to control the bandwidth utilization.

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                  The easiest way to reduce the amount of traffic is to make your polling interval, statistic gathering interval, and rediscovery interval longer.  We do try to use the minimum amount of bandwdith necessary by only polling the necessary data on each statistic polling cycle with  a little bit more data polled on the rediscovery interval. 

                  There is also more data gathered for ESX servers, EnergyWise devices (as of 9.5) and wireless devices (also in 9.5).  Wireshark traces would be a good indicator for the polling bandwidth for your exact configuration.

                  Another bandwidth utilization consideration is if you monitor the Orion website continually.  In this case you are making web requests every refresh cycle (default 5 minutes).  Increasing this setting would let you reduce bandwidth utilization created by the website.  Again, we have tried to minimize the bandwidth utilized for our web pages as well.