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    ellipse with filled color status

      i wanted an ellipse icon such that when it is

      up-filled green

      down-filled red

      warning-filled yellow

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          Could you provide some context?  Why do you want this?  What problem is it solving?

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              WE HAD OUR first npm monitoring 8 large networks which comprrises of cisco devices but in between this cisco devices are trees of wilan devices.

              -this wilan devices are prohibited (policiy) to be monitored by the npm1. hence this wilan devices are just drawn as ellipse on a tree like structure.

              -now that we added another npm2, which belongs to the network of the wilan, we are now going to monitor the wilan devices which are previously represented as ellipse on the other npm1. we want them to be represented by the same ellipse but now with GRREN FILLED FOR UP, RED FILLED FOR DOWN ETC.