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    Twitter (Tweeting Alerts)


      Ok, I don't know if anyone is THIS big of a geek, but...

      I got a mail about how Spiceworks now supports Twitter integration, and I said to myself "That really doesn't seem difficult.  I bet I could make Orion do it!"

      So, starting with looking for a command line tool to use twitter, I found instructions here:


      He talks about a program called cURL, which he mentions being a Unix app.  I found a windows port here:


      Putting them together gave me an alert action (execute external program) that looks like:

      c:\curl-7.19.5\curl.exe --basic --user "<username>:<password>" --data-ascii "status=Alert: ${NodeName} has been ${Status} since ${TimeOfOutage}." "http://twitter.com/statuses/update.json"

      Anyhow, probably useless for most people, but it was a fun diversion and I thought I'd share.