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    SQL Server System Common Language Runtime (CLR)

      I am in the process of planning an upgrade from 9.1 to 9.5 and got stopped with the following error: 

      SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monito 9.5 SL20000 requieres the SQL Common Languate Runtime (CLR) Integration, bt is not currrently enabled for the SQL server used by Orion NPM.  The Database user for Orion NPM does not have sufficient rights to enable this integration, but the orion configuration can enable the entegration automatically if the SysAdmin server roles are provided.  Enabling the SQL Server CLR Integration requires a restart of the SQL Server used by Orion NPM.


      Does this get installed on the SQL server or the Solarwinds server?  Our current configuration uses an enerprise MS 2005 SQL server cluster.  Would all cluster nodes have to have this installed?