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    Question about custom MIB databases and monitors


      I requested and downloaded a new MIB file that included DELL, APC and several other MIB sets.  However, after rescanning my servers, I'm still not seeing anything related to the new OIDs.  They show up when I do a "SNMP Search" from the config tab but that's it.  I'm obviously missing a step or bit of info here.

      What am I doing wrong?

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          Good day jjohnson,

          The addition of MIB files to your ipMonitor SNMP database does not add any OIDs to ipMonitor's Discovery Engine and is simply to help you find the OID required to monitor a specific resource.  This is done via one of two tools on the Configuration tab:

          • SNMP Tree
          • SNMP Search

          The usual steps are to use the SNMP Tree, branch open "iso(1) . org(3) . dod(6) . internet(1) . private(4) . enterprises(1)" and click on the enterprise representing the system you wish to Monitor (i.e. Dell, Compaq, IBM...).  Down this branch, locate the resource you wish to monitor and then copy the OID.  Once you have this, perform the following:

          1. Go to "Devices -> All Managed Devices"
          2. Select the Device in question.
          3. Click "Add -> Add New Monitor".
          4. On the left-hand side, click "SNMP"
          5. On the right-hand side, click "Custom SNMP (wizard).
          6. Enter the OID you have gathered, ensure the address and community name are correct and click "Next".
          7. This should list the available resources pertaining to the OID you wish to Monitor.  Select the desired resource and click "Next".

          That should be all.

          Hope this gives you what you need.

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