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    Administrator account password

      I have IPMonitor 9.0.6

      So far everything was created under the admin account.

      Lately too many people got the info about the admin password and I am affraid that they might mess something up. I was wondering if I change the admin PASSWORD only - is this goign to change anything in the monitors that I created previously ?

      Again - the password only - not the user name.

      Thank you

        • Re: Administrator account password

          I think it's pretty smart you've come to thwack and ask.

          Forcing a password-change on another account orphans its credentials, causing any monitors using the credential to fail with an appropriate error message. This is easy to fix if there's just a handful of credentials (you just reset the credential and put back the password).

          When you change your own password, this is not the case. I am not 100% sure about using the account configuration pages to change your your password, but I do know that "My Settings" is the safe way to do this.

          1. Login as the admin.
          2. Go to "My Settings".
          3. Change your password.