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    Conversations between 3 or more servers

    j sachs

      Not sure if I am in the right place.  Please forgive my ignorance if I am.

      Our company will be purchasing Solarwinds very soon.   One of the server managers asked me a question that I didn't know the answer to.

      Products we will have:  NPM, NCM, NTA, IP Management, Engineer Toolset and LanSurveyor.

      Can Solarwinds show conversations between Frontend servers, backend servers, and any databases that those servers talk too? 

      I know they can show from point A to point B, but he wants to know if Solarwinds can show the conversation path that a physical server or VM server takes.  Point A to point C but it has to talk to point B first. ??

      Not sure if Application Performance Monitor will do this or not.

      Hopefully I am being clear.