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    Network Map performance - 9.5



      Has anyone else noticed a performance issue with the mapping on 9.5?  I'm very new to Solarwinds, but had a moment to demo with 9.1 before upgrading to 9.5.  I have a map that displays the US with 87 locations (each linked to its own detailed map).  When the network summary page refreshes, sometimes the map doesn't refresh at all, sometimes it only partially refreshes missing some locations, and all the time is takes nearly 1 minutes to complete the refresh process.

      This makes it very difficult to built a NOC display.

      I have also noticed the locations I have detailed above behave strangely.  I have routers polled at the default 120 sec, all other nodes at 300 seconds.  NPM detects a router outage and the location icon turns red (as expected), then the switch is polled 300 seconds later and the location icon turns grey (unknown).

      Any ideas?