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    vendor metric polling and selection


      When adding a device via SNMP Orion walks SNMP using MIB II standard and provides the options to select what to monitor (interfaces, CPU, memory, etc).  I would like have the same process performed for vendor specific MIBs when adding a device.  Browsing through vendor MIBs through UnDP shows that Solarwinds does have a lot of vendor specific MIBs in their database.  I think it should be simple to to the through a process such as: a device is added, MIB II standard information/options are discovered including the vendor/device information, those vendor MIBs are retrieved from the MIBs.cfg database and used to walk SNMP, vendor informations/options are discovered as well, resources selection window appears with MIB II standar AND vendor specific MIB objects available for selection.  The ability to add any non-included vendor MIBs to the MIBs.cfg database will also increase the functionality of the product with this process.

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          To address the last part first:

          You can have any new MIB's included by submitting them to SW via either email to support@solarwinds.com or submitting them to http://solarwinds.leapfile.com to the email address support@solarwinds.NET (Notice the emphasized .net).

          Someone in SW adds them in and rebuilds the MIB database weekly, usually by Wednesday of the next week, you can download a new MIBs.cfg.

          Now.. having to copy it to more places than Program Files\SolarWinds\Common is still a pisser, I have to copy it into 3 places for access to the Toolset, NCM, and NPM.  SW *really* needs to fix that, 1.5GB for MIBs is not just ridiculous, it's ridonkulous..

          To add a +1 to the request to have it walk the non-standard MIBs for any recognized vendor type (Adtran, AcmePacket, Juniper to name just a few) would be a huge plus, that I hadn't crafted a request for yet, but had been planning to for at least the last 60 days..