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    anyone know anything about QoS and NetFlow's TOS Octet?


      are QoS Priority Levels the same thing as the CS# Levels i see in NTA Types of Service view?

      if yes, then what are the AF# and EF# levels?


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          The CS# is a priority level in the DiffServ Code Point (DSCP) system of QoS.  The AF# and EF values are priority levels as well.  There are best practices for each priority level based on throughput and delay needs of different applications.  A use for AF# is to place conforming traffic in for example AF21, if the monitored traffic reaches a threshold (Exceed threshold) you can mark it down to AF22, and then if the traffic reaches another threshold (Violate threshold), you can mark it down to AF23.  Your traffic would then have different drop precedences depending if it hits the queue at AF21, AF22, or AF23.  This type of classification would need to take place as close to the source of the traffic as possible and then the queueing policies would be enforced at  an aggregation point.

          EF is Expedited Forwarding - For delay sensitive traffic like voice.  This traffic is usually placed in a priority queue.

          CS0   Selector 0 (CS0)     Best Effort
          Class Selector 1 (CS1)     Scavenger
          AF11                                Bulk Data
          Class Selector 2 (CS2)      Network Management
          AF21                                 Transactional Data
          Class Selector 3 (CS3)       Call Signalling
          AF31                                  Mission-Critical
          Class Selector 4 (CS4)       Streaming Video
          AF41                                   Interactive Video
          Class Selector 5 (CS5) 
          Expedited Forwarding (EF) Voice
          Class Selector 6 (CS6)        IP Routing