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    URGENT: NEED HELP....Orion HARD DOWN after VoIP 2.1 Install.


      Background Info:

      Started to update VoIP to 2.1 this morning. Stopped all services on all pollers (2 main, 1 HSB). Started install on 1st poller and installed as an Upgrade from 2.0. Install completed without problems and config wizard started up.

      Ran configuration wizard with default select values after install and continued. Configuration wizard go to "Updating Orion Database: Processing VoIPDatabaseScheme.dbConfig file..." It hung here for about 4 minutes.

      Killed process since there was no CPU action or memory change over the 4 minute period. Restarted install and configuration wizard with the same settings and selections.

      Configuration wizard hung on the same step. This time I let it run for almost 15 minutes with no CPU change or Memory change.

      Attempted to roll back to VoIP 2.0 by running install for VoIP 2.0 SP2 followed by SP3 Update. All went well ran configuration wizard successfully and restarted services on all machines.

      Let services initialize and stabilize for about 5 minutes then viewed Orion Website to make sure all application modules were in working order.

      Clicked on VoIP module and received Orion Website error. Clicked on APM Module and received APM could not reach APM on machineName 17777.

      Attempted to run configuration wizard to correct these issues since previous (prior to this morning) installs were the only ones running.

      Configuration wizard began with only options for VoIP, APM, Wireless modules. Clicked all three to correct and corruption and began wizard.

      Configuration wizzard blows up with the following error. "Database configuration failed: Error while executing scritp - There is already and object named 'PK_VoipCCMPhoneStats' in the database. Could not create constraint. See previous errors."

      Help. Orion is down and maintenance window is shrinking fast. Please respond.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Did you try rollback to it's previous version?

          Or try to repair it on control panel>add remove program?

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            I ran into the same issue this last week.  How many Voip servers are you monitoring? Out of 16 VoipServers that we monitor only 2 had the Correct VoipMonitoringID in the VoipCCMPhoneStats.

            Seeing how you started the the install and it made changes to the DB already for 2.1 you will get a DB Table error.  You will need to stop all services on Orion. Then restore your DB.  That will get you to VoIPMon2.0 again with no errors.  Sounds like that you need to reinstall your APM as well.

            You will more than likely need to open a Case with SW.  Like I said I recently had the same issue and it took a few days between SW and I to figure out what exactly was stopping the upgrade.


            For your Reference SW Case # 98251

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                @ neilmborilla - I did try the rollback and it seemed to have rolledback correctly. Until I checked the Orion website. APM, VoIP and any node details page was broken. I also tried repair.

                @bleinauer - I am glad that I am not the only one that has seen this. I will be sure to follow up with SW with your case number and see if I can get some answers. Thanks.

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                    For anyone that may come across this thread in the future here is what needed to be done:

                    After returning all services to original state and following up with SW it was determined that the database changes "may take a while" and to "let it run until it finishes"

                    I scheduled another maintenance window and started install only after backing up both web configuration and database.

                    Install took about 3 minutes. Configuration Wizard started and took about 23 minutes to complete. Our database is around 23 Gig so there may be a minute to gig correlation there (maybe not...maybe coincidence).

                    So lesson here is just waiting it out. If you wait for more than hour or so there may be a problem. Also do not be confused that you see no CPU processing on your local Orion machine as all work is being done on the SQL server.

                    Questions let me know.