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    IPAM Report Writer Example


      This is an example kbrookov was looking for. It is a report of subnets that are unused (essentially the opposite of our TopXX resource):

      1. Open Report Writer from Orion's Start Menu Group
      2. Open "IPAM - All Subnets"
      3. File > Save As  (specify filename "IPAM - Bottom 10 Subnets.OrionReport"
      4. General Tab: Modify Report Title
      5. Select Fields Tab: Change the sort to "descending" for "Field: IP % Usage".
        On this tab, you can also add other fields to display (i.e.: Location).
      6. TopXX Tab: Select "show only the Top [10] Records"
      7. Save.

      If you still have the "Custom List of Reports" resource. Edit it, and ensure that your new report is checked. Now, view the report!

      Can't find your custom fields? Report Writer doesn't currently show IPAM v1.0 custom fields, but a up and coming IPAM service release will change that.

      Report Writer is a powerful tool. I find myself learning more about it all the time. Discuss!!

        • Re: IPAM Report Writer Example

          Thanks Peter,

          Initial impressions, just started playing with it.

          Search order is "ascending" in this case.

          Still trying to add the "location" field - report writer is formatting the data after clicking the preview button, seems to be taking awhile.

          I would really like to narrow down the search parameters to a specific location.  So that each regional admin only see's their region.  A glogal view diminishes the shock and awe factor, gives a regional admin another reason for not acting on wasted IP space "they are doing it to!!!".  And a top 10 global report may not give each regoin something to work towards

          Would also like to filter out /30 subnets, maybe /29's as well.