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    IPAM V1.0 SP2 Bugs &/or Issues


      A couple of bugs/issues I have noticed:

      1). The screen on the search results page is around 6000 pixels wide.
      The horizontal scroll bar goes a long way to get to the vertical scroll bar in the app.

      2). Only one Top level group is allowed.
      All other groups created are below the first level group.
      (Not sure if this is a bug or a feature).
      <EDIT> I see groups can be nested many levels deep, so this is really not too much of an issue, as long as the top level name is kept generic in name </EDIT>

      3). Custom user created fields are not accessible in Report Writer to create custom reports.

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          #1 - I've got this in our defect tracking system, affecting IE. Good point about the vertical scrollbar.

          #2 - This is by design, so let's call it a feature (since you can nest deeply). Also, as a user, you can rename the top level group.

          #3 - This was a known issue with v1.0 RTM, we have a service release in June which should resolve this.

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              Thanks Peter.

              Here is another one:

              I imported my IPAM DB from the Engineeers Toolset.
              All the subnets are in a single flat hierarchy.

              I'm now dragging and dropping the subnets into groups.
              Some groups have several dozen subnets in them, so I run out of screen height to drag the subnet into the group above.
              The issue is when I drag a subnet into a minimized group, the group automatically expands and moves the next subnet I want to drag, off the screen.
              I then have to re-minimize the group to get to the next subnet I want to drag.

              Either the screen must be made to scroll automatically when dragging to a group above the window.
              Or allow me to select and drag multiple subnets into a single group all at one time (preferred).
              Or allow drag and drop between the right and left panes. (Also a good solution).