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    NPM 9.5 Wireless Integration -- Alerting


      We have just installed NPM 9.5 and I'm trying to learn about the wireless integration.

      Our Cisco 4402 controller has been added to NPM and the APs are showing in the Wireless view.

      Are the AP's considered an interface of the controller or individual nodes?

      We currently have Advanced Alerts to email/page with node/interface status changes to down. 

      Is that all that needs to be done to be alerted when a thin AP is unreachable?


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          We have also just done the same as you, added a 4400 controller to ORION 9.5 and are wondering how we can alert against the AP's.


          The way i see it is that the "thin" AP's are not going to respond to SNMP from an external source (Such as the orion server) - only from the Cisco WLC's themselves, therefore each AP cannot become an individual node within ORION as such, is this correct?

          All of our APs are listed as interfaces on the WLC, this kind of makes sense. We have tried failing an AP and we don't get an alert on the system by default.

          I too would appreciate a bit of help with this, it would be nice to monitor all the AP's on the WLC and receive a standard ORION alert should one become unavailable.


          Any thoughts much appreciated,