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    Availibility data being lost when pulling report for devices

      Hi there, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me for getting straight into the problem.

      We are using Solarwinds Engineers edition 9.2, We use network performance monitor to monitor our devices. We also use Solarwinds to generate graphs which is used for availibility stats for month end reports. The thing is when I generate a custom availibility report from 1st of the month till last of the month, it always shows me that either the device was down for 1st day of month or the first 3 days but we know that all devices are up for entire month. This is confirmed when we generate a custom report for example from 25th of the month(25/04/09) till 26th of the next month(26/05/09), with this report it also shows us that device is availible 100% for that period. Not to sure if anyone has expierienced this problem and I have been searching the net trying to find a solution so if anyone has any ideas i would gladly appreciate it thanks. Ghaalib