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    Changing Vendor Catagory UNKNOWN


      I understand where the UNKNOWN comes from, ping managed devices as opposed to SNMP capable devices. I would like to know if there's a way to change the UNKNOWN catagory header to read NONSNMP or some such. Has more to do with politics than technical excellence.

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          A solution would be to create a Custom Node Property that contains the Vendor name.

          Instead of having an empty field for the ICMP devices you can use the below SQL command to update all of them at once:

          UPDATE Nodes

          SET CustomPropertyFieldName = 'NONSNMP'

          WHERE ObjectSubType = 'ICMP'


          To update the SNMP nodes, you can use Database Manager and copy/paste the initial field information to the Custom Property.


          You will then be able to sort your nodes using the custom property instead of the default vendor field.

          Note that if you try to automatically edit the Vendor column, changes will be overwritten after sometimes hence the Custom Node Property requirement.



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            I had a similar question; "How Can I Assign I Vendor or Machine Type to the HSRP IP Address that is just being Polled?"


            Answer Provided by SolarWinds Trainer; Ed Barbieri



            Within this SolarWinds Success Centre Information you will see that this can be done by editing the NodesData via the SolarWinds Database Manger.