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    Status LEDs in Node View?

      So I may be going blind, and I'm sure this can be done, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.

      I have configured one of the Air Conditioner/CRAC units in our Data Centre for SNMP Monitoring. I'm currently polling it for the current temperature and humidity as reported by the unit, which is being graphed and working without issue.

      The CRAC Unit can also return the status of various elements via SNMP - e.g. if the Compressor is On/Off, if the Chiller is On/Off, if the Audible Alarm is Active/Inactive, etc etc. Values returned when the OID is polled are a '2' for On, and a '1' for Off.

      Is there any way to link the values to an LED Icon on a Node Display, to show the status of the elements? As an example, if the value of this OID is '1', then the LED Icon shows Gray. If the value of this OID is '2', then the LED Icon shows Green.

      Anyone, anyone... Bueller? :)