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    Is there a way to rebuild the discovery database without generating new IDs?

      I recently moved a bunch of servers to a new datacenter and along with it moved my ipMonitor 9 installation to a new server. Throw in that I did an upgrade from a 500 monitor install to an unlimited install. Now I'm going back to add in new monitors that I couldn't before (e.g. temperature) and I've got an odd problem: I go through the device discovery wizard and find the monitors that are available to add. The IP address of the device matches up with my pre-existing devices but when I add the monitor it's being associated with a completely different device. My guess is that somewhere in the move the device discovery wizard's database has become borked. I don't want to delete the devices out of the discovery wizard and rescan because past experience tells me that the next time I'll get a brand new set of IDs the next time I rescan and I'll end up with two of each device. Is there a way for me to rebuild the device discovery database using the devices that already exist or otherwise fix the problem where new monitors are being added to the incorrect device?