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    Unable to create Alert actions.


      I'm trying to edit/create the basic alert to send an email when Node goes down..

      However when I edit the basic alert and go to the action and click on "Add Alert Action" It acts like Ive clicked on nothing I get no error message, no pop-up window nothing.

      If I try to fo the same thing in the Advanced Alert I get the following error message "Run-Time Error '0'"


      Any advice, if you need more information let me know.



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          This sounds extremely environmental.


          I suggest a repair on the NPM installation in add/remove programs.

          Reapply the latest SP

          Attempt your Alert Actions again.


          If these steps do not help - and you have active maintenance - please open a support ticket.

          Thanks and HTH,


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              I installed the latest update, however it still did not work.

              So I repaired the isntall and all is well.

              Thank you.

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                My problem with Alert Manager is that a New or Edit command sends the CPU into hyperdrive: 100% for as long as I leave the process running. Do you expect that that could be environmental, as well? I am running NPM in eval mode; no support, yet. Don't know if I would be allowed to remove and replace with another download. Hard to rate the eval as good when I cannot configure Alerts.

                I run Task Manager to see the process hung at 100%. Have tried shutting down NPM and everything except IE. System is old: XP SP2, Pentium4, 1G RAM. Actual production system will be beefier.

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