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    SolarWinds Engineers Toolset v10 - TFTP problem in Work Space Studio

      We have just upgraded to v10 here, and first let me say, it rocks!


      The customizable Work Space studio is great, since different people want to keep an eye on different things.


      The problem we seem to be having comes into play in the "Cisco Config Transfer".  I am able to drag a device over, select the credintial and download the config fine (verified by seeing the config in the box just below the community string box).  BUT, I never see the file on my hard drive.  Under File > Settings > TFTP Server I have the TFTP server root directory set to C:\TFTP-Root.  I never see those files there.

      I am able to go outside of the Workspace Studio and use "Classic Tools" to download the file perfectly fine. 


      Why am I unable to find these configs, which it seems to be downloading without a problem.