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    what can one do with Customize Views rights?


      If I create a user account on the Orion website and give it only view customization rights, what exactly does that allow the user to do?

      I did this and then logged in as the user. I then clicked on the "Customize Page" link at the top right of the home page and got an error saying the user had to be an administrator. So, what exactly does "customize" mean in this case?

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          I encountered this too and found it odd.  It seem that users with only 'Customize Views' write can only edit the existing pieces of the view, but not use the 'Customize View' button to add/remove things from a view.  If you're going to limit that function to 'Admin Rights' why show it to lower levels of access?

          Also, the error page that comes up if you don't have to rights to 'Customize View' looks like a big nasty error until you read the fine print that says that it's an access issue.  Maybe putting the actual error in bold rather than the 'Danger Will Robinson...'?