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    Export nodes


      I'm having a mind block here.  I need to build a new DB on one of my Orion servers.  I can't seem to figure out how to export the current node list with IP and SNMP strings to a file so I can re-import it when I have the new DB ready.



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          You can bring up the database manager, double-click on the nodes table and run a query.

          (If you have more than 1000 nodes - change the default query accordingly)


          Then under File - click Export - and it will give you choices on how to save it (xls, txt, etc) - and also give you the choices on which fields you want to export.


          FYI there are alot of fields to "uncheck" if you just want the IP and SNMP strings.




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              Awesome!  Thanks.  Works great.

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                  I followed you this far, If I want to now use that exported backupfile with selected fields how do I import it--I dont see an import feature ( I have a test box running the eval ver with 9.5 while im still on 9.1 prod) this will help build a new db without adding or using the discovery feature which still takes a while ( i only have 24 days left on the eval!)


                  Any help would be appreciated