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    Map status is unknown

      Hi everyone!

      I'm running SolarWinds NPM 9.1 SP5, and I have a problem that I can't solve by myself. A network map is in unknown state.

      I have a map, let's name it map A, on wich I have a cloud that represents (is linked to) another map, let's name it map B, and on map B I have a object (a led) that represents a group of remote offices, let;s name them map C. Now the problems are:

      1. The cloud on map A is with a grey yield sign, and when i Point the mouse to it's writing  "B map status is unknown network map 1 network objects".

      2. When I click on the cloud and the network B is opened, the led that represent the group of remote offices (map C) is grey, and when I point the mouse to the led, it wrights "C map status is unknown network map 27 network objects"

      3. I click on the led, the map C is opening, but none of the devices from the map are in Unknown or Down state. Some interfaces were in unknown state, but the device was up. I take off those interfaces from polling, but the map remains unknown.

      The only way I could solve the problem was taking down the slider in the network C properties to 95%, so that the network is up if 95% of devices are up, then the led on the map B that represents map C goes green. But this solution for some reason is not acceptable for me.

      I have read another posts about interfaces in unknown state, but this didn't help me to solve the problem. I tried to delete the object that reoresents map C on map B and then add it again, but this didn't solve the problem. On the network C all devices are up.

      I will greatly appreciate every answer or help. This is my first time using SolarWinds  (have downloaded a trial version). The program is great, but if I wouldn't be able to solve that issue, I couldn't use it anymore for monitoring of our network. Thanks everyone !!!

      P.S. Sorry for my English :-)