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    NPM 9.5 Energywise - A user perspective



      I would like to share my thoughts:

      The feature is nice, but not functioning as it should. First off, when you go to "Node Management" and group by Energywise, you are shown the following:

      -Energywise Capable

      -Energywise Enabled

      -Not EnergyWise Capable

      While those groupings are nice, they aren't accurate. For example, if you select all the devices that are "capable" and choose "Manage Energywise" in the dropdown for more options, you get the option to "enable EnergyWise on these Nodes". After you click on that, you are brought to another window that allows you to configure the parameters for the group of nodes you chose.

      The problem with this is that this will let you configure the paremeters regardless if the device has an Energywise-IOS installed. If you then continue the process, you will see a status of "Waiting" and then "Executing"...and it doesn't go any further.

      Now, if only a single node was chosen that didn't have the correct IOS, you would get stopped immeadiately and the parameter section is grayed out.

      Also, I can tell you that the IOS support isn't working correctly. For example, I had a Cisco 3750G with an IOS of 12.2.(50) SE2. However, when trying to enable the Energywise feature, it states "Energywise data is not available on IOS versions prior to 12.2(50)SE". Once I changed my IOS to 12.2(50)SE1, it worked perfectly. Also, I have a Cisco 2821 Voice Gateway. It is at 12.4(20)T2 however when trying to add to Energywise, I get the same error of "Energywise data is not available on IOS versions prior to 12.2(50)SE1"

      This is an initial release so I understand that there will be some errors here and there. I hope to see some of these issues resolved soon. If any screenshots are needed of this issue please let me know. I would be more than happy to post.