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    Web console chart customization feature, please!


      I would like to suggest for a future version (currently we are running NPM 9.1 / APM 2.x) that the charts on the web console be more customizable. More specifically, it would be more beneficial to our organization if the overall network availability chart were in line format instead of a bar graph. Besides the chart type, it would also be beneficial if we could change the Y axis scale range.  As an example, using our network availability chart, the current yet unchangeble Y axis range is from 0% to 100%. Since we have a fairly reliable network, our availability percentage rarely falls below 96%. Having a scale from 0 - 100 makes the variances, although they are slight they are important, difficult to notice and does not accurately represent that importance.

      One post suggests downloading and using XML/SWF 5.08. Although this solution would probably work very well, we would like to avoid outside customization as much as possible.