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    Domain information issue


      When I am looking at our top domains I have an issue with our companyname.eu.com not being displayed individually but being included within eu.com.

      I would really like the companyname.eu.com to be displayed individually?

      Any ideas what is the best way to achieve this?


      Other domains like google.com, bskyb.com, llnw.net etc display correctly.

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          There are some "3/4-levels" domains on the NTA Online Demo such as                                                       login.oscar.aol.com or email.corp.hdq so I would first think this is a configuration issue in your environment, but I am not sure.

          When you perform a reverse lookup on the ip addresses that belong to the companyname.eu.com from the Orion/NTA server, do you only get the machinename.eu.com resolution or the one expected? If this the case then the DNS servers have a configuration problem or they are not configured properly on the Orion/NTA server.

          NTA logs are stored in the \Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\swdebug.log.X files .

          They might contain errors about the DNS resolution of these endpoints.

          If not it is possible increase the logging level of the NTA module \Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\LogAdjuster.exe

          I suggest you open a support ticket and attach the diagnostics once received the email confirmation.