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    v9.5 Map Problems


      After upgrading to v9.5 all my network maps seem to have problems.

      Problem 1:
      I have a regional map made up of smaller city maps showing overall status and WAN lines connecting them.
      The WAN lines come up fine - but the City Icons dont appear at all on the web page - not even a X or anything - just the Name.
      Inside Network Atlas everything looks fine...

      Problem 2:
      I have a City map showing all the devices using the built in Solarwinds Icons for devices - everything looks fine inside Network Atlas - but on the webage I get generic Boxes appears - no icons at all.

      I'm guessing both problems are related - it seems the Icons are not accessible?  But theres not errors being displayed on the webpages -  the status etc seems fine - the new pop ups for mouseovers work fine on the generic icons.

      I tried making a new map - same results so I'm guessing theres some problem between IIS and the Maps?

      any ideas?