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    upgrade of toolset some nodes are polling while others arent?

      Hi All,

      I've recently upgraded our copy Engineers Tool set (v10.1) while readin the docs it states that you can do the install over top of the original install, this is what ive done. 

      When I go into add and remove programs it shows the original install and the upgrade install, can i uninstall the original without it affacting the upgraded install?


      Also as the subject reads, I've noticed that some nodes are polled while others arent, when I look at the nodes which arent polling and attempt to "list resources" it takes some time for the node(s) in question to come back with a usable screen, usually seems to hang per say loading Resources?

      This being the case Im considering uninstalling both installs and strating from scratch, If I do go this route I know i would most definetly save the NetPerfMon DB are there any other files i should back up so that it can basically be up and running after the initial setting are entered?


      thanks to all :)