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    New Orion Server - OS/SQL Version Advice


      My current Orion server is getting quite old and management has approved me to get a new server for Orion.  I got the best server that I could with the dolars I was given.  The server hasn't shown up yet, but I had a couple questions that I wanted to get your opinion on.

      The server will have: NPM, APM, NetFlow, VoIP Monitor, NCM, Toolset, and SQL Server.

      Should I load Windows 2003 or Windows 2008?
      Should I use x86 or x64?
      Should I use SQL 2005 or SQL 2008?

      I would like to use Windows 2008 x64 with SQL 2008 (the latest and greatest), but I am not sure all the Orion apps and modules support 2008 and 64-bit.  Can anyone confim that?  I will be using all the latest versions of the Orion applications.