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    Orion NPM having severe issues

      Ran into an issue with Solarwinds Orion NPM v8.5.1 after installing Engineers Toolset v10. I know the two programs have nothing to do with each other, seeing as how the PC in question had to be restarted after the install of the Toolset this is when the issue's started.  Below are what I've managed to piece together.

      •     When trying to open system manager the splash screen loads, shows opening Orion database then fails with no errors.

      •     Using Database Manager gives an “run time error “7” out of memory” warning.

      •     Also when going into add/remove programs to modify the Orion installation windows gives back a message stating “the program has been uninstalled do you wish to remove it from the list”. To me this indicates the program has been unregistered per say from windows, as in windows doesn’t know it exists on the HD.

      In my opinion it almost seems as though somewhere along the lines from the restart before the one that whacked orion out and the restart after the upgrade of the toolset (app 10 days)  something happened.