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    SolarWinds Steps Up to Community Feedback

      We want to tell everyone that we appreciate all the feedback you've been giving us, and all the suggestions for enhancements and improvements.

      We'd like to point out some of the feature requests that we've heard and acted on in this version. This is by no means a complete list -- you all are posting wonderful ideas! -- but to let you know that we DO hear you. Be sure to see Orion NCM 5.5 is now available on what's included, and take a look at the release notes!


      I was looking through our NCM web interface and saw the startup vs running config pie chart.  I noticed that there were a small portion of the devices that did not match so I started looking into them.  About half of them matched but were still reported as not matching.  I checked both through the web interface and through the console and there were no differences. I know for sure there were a couple changes that I made to the devices that I did a "write mem" after I did them and one of those devices showed up on the list.

      • “As of last update” time period option is now available on chart resources (this is also implemented on NCM website)


      Having to sift through a long list of devices (the report generated after the config download job runs) "hoping" to see what was changed can be a bit counter-productive, since we have no way of detecting which of these reports would actually contain "changed configs."

      [We would like to] generate a report that would ONLY include devices that have been changed, and what these changes are.  If we can get all of the changes consolidated in a single email, that would better than sifting through hoping to find something.

      • Ability to receive config change notification details in a separate email (HTML or Text) from job results in Config Backup job


      I just want to keep the latest 10 config files.

      We could really use an automatic purge option.

      • Scheduled config purge: Ability to setup a scheduled job to ensure you only have the last X configs for each device in the database


      Options for exporting reports as a pdf.

      • Ability to attach reports as a PDF to email notifications in Run Report job


      We can certainly use the ability to be have "user defined" tcp port number for using Telnet to manage equipment connected with Terminal Servers.

      • Ability to change the default Telnet and SSH ports used by NCM to perform config management operations


      I'm being asked by our server jockeys here if NCM can run on Windows Server 2008.

      • SQL 2008 support
      • Windows 2008 support