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    SolarWinds Steps Up to Community Feedback

      We want to let you all know that we appreciate all the feedback you've been giving us, and all the suggestions of enhancements and improvements.

      We'd like to point out just a few of the suggestions that we've heard and acted on in this version. This is by no means an exhaustive list -- you guys are full of great ideas! -- but to let you know that we DO listen. Be sure to see Orion NPM 9.5 General Availability on what's included, and take a look at the release notes!


      We're using Orion to monitor all the links comming off all our switches (to client PCs) and I want to leave this enabled for the purpuse of finding bandwidth hogs. But I dont want the device to show an error state that one of these trivial links is down, only show an error state if one of the important interfaces is down.

      • Unpluggable Port Mode – when a user undocked a workstation and went home for the evening, you would get a node down alert.  By setting this property, the node would go to unplugged and not show as down


      Have some new blade servers and the sys admins are wondering if we can go forward with a 2008 build or if they need to make a 2003 build for the Orion server.

      • Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 Support – Orion NPM has added support for 2008 and dropped 2000 support


      If I could update maps to reflect the changes I made without having to TS into the the server, that would be nice.

      • Network Atlas – Map Maker is now Network Atlas and has been completely overhauled with tons of new features and functionality
        • Maps now reflect performance thresholds
        • Ability to install Network Atlas on local machine and remote connect to NPM or EOC Server to add, edit and delete maps


      Ability to un-manage a node or interface from the web

      • Unmanage Interfaces – today you can un-managed nodes, now you can also un-manage specific interfaces on a node


      It’s definitely great to have full admin functionality from the website, but the website is just not as reliable as the console. I import all of my devices through the console using the discovery wizard. It just makes sense to have the same functionality in both the website and console.

      Any way to enable volume management on multiple nodes?  Such as all Servers.. or all Windows Servers?

      • Web based Network Sonar Discovery – network discovery is now available via the web with new capabilities
        • SNMPv3 Discovery Support
        • Volume Discovery