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    Orion NPM 9.5 General Availability


      We are proud to announce the General Availability of Orion NPM 9.5.  Below you will find a set of the major features with this new release.  You can download the new release from your customer portal.
      Also, please find the release notes here
      • Web based Network Sonar Discovery – network      discovery is now available via the web with new capabilities
        • SNMPv3 Discovery Support
        • Volume Discovery
      • Network Atlas – Map Maker is now Network      Atlas and has been completely overhauled with tons of new features and      functionality
        • Maps now reflect performance thresholds
        • Ability to install Network Atlas on local machine and       remote connect to NPM or EOC Server to add, edit and delete maps
      • Wireless Support – Wireless support has been      rolled into NPM now including
        • all the functionality included in the Wireless Module
        • support for Wireless Controllers and Thin Access       Points
        • Wireless reports rogue APs detected by controllers
      • Unmanage Interfaces – today you can      un-managed nodes, now you can also un-manage specific interfaces on a node
      • Unpluggable Port Mode – when end user      workstations undocked and went home for the evening, you would get a node      down alert.  By setting this property, the node would go to      unplugged and not show as down
      • Cisco EnergyWise Support – Measure, report,      and reduce the energy consumption of any device connected to an      EnergyWise-enabled switch across the enterprise
      • Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 Support – Orion      NPM has added support for 2008 and dropped 2000 support
      • External Node Mode – node type to represent nodes      that Orion cannot poll (for APM monitors not associated with managed      nodes)
      • Other General Features:
        • Trends in Charts
        • Rollover Tooltips
        • Orion Server settings have been moved to the web       console
        • Advanced Syslog Parser
        • Disable all advanced alerts with one checkbox