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    Scanning a Range of IPs?

      Is it possible to do scanning similar to nmap? For example, for the range of IP's I want to scan being:


      Which would essentially scan all IPs between and

      Rather than just scanning a single subnet? Or even multiple subnets?


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          Dave - not currently, but that might be a cool feature for the new IPAM product.  I will forward the feature request.



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            Hello Dave,

            IPAM does have this functionality today. Here's what you'd do:

            1. Create a new 'subnet' (ensure the checkbox to Add IPs is unchecked).
            2. Add the IPs you want to scan via "IP Range > Add".
            3. Set the scanning frequency as desired, or set it to scan manually (and then you'd click have to click 'Scan').

            Also, an IP Address marked "Static - User Managed" will not be scanned nor updated by the scanning engine. However, you can modify those values yourself. So you have quite a bit of control.