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    feature request for cisco 3750 switch stacks

      It would be nice if CatTools when pulling "show version" information from a cisco 3750 switch stack could pull the serial numbers, etc. from ALL of the switches in the stack. Currently it only pulls the master switchs' information. If you run "show version" on a cisco switch it shows all information for all switches but the report only shows the master switches information. Is this a feature that could be incorporated in the future as it would make inventory much easier.

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          As an extension to this I would like to see a activity/report based on the

          "#show inventory"     command, this not only gives you the serial number for the main switch, but also any modules, SFP's, power supplies and other parts based on the switch you use it on.

          This would be great for auditing and maintence purposes.

          I would also like to see one of the basic activitiy templates made avalible in clear test, (at the moment they are protected) so it is eaisier for us to develop our own scripts. I am by no means a script expert and trting to make and activity with reporting for something like the above has proved hard with out a working example to base it on.


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            Steve Welsh


            The Cisco.Switch.IOS device type in CatTools was modified to include ALL switch stack serial numbers etc.  The script modifications were made using a 3750 running IOS version 12.2(37)SE which provided all the relevant data from issuing the 'show version' command.

            If you aren't seeing the stack member serials, it may be possible the output of the 'show version' commands has changed (or maybe the serial numbers are being overwritten with other 'empty' serial number fields) if you are using a different IOS version.

            If you have software maintenance, I'd recommend raising a support ticket and attaching a PuTTY capture of your device output for the 'show version' command, so this can be looked into further.


            -- DecilWAH

            The 'show version' output also for the IOS above also includes power supply serial numbers, but not modules, etc.

            With regards to access to 'clear text' scripts; have a look in the \Templates subfolder of your CatTools install.  There you can find unencrypted sample activity scripts (a client and a main script) plus the device .custom extension script based on a cut-down Version report.  This should hopefully provide you with the basis you need to create a custom Inventory report activity.

            The help page at http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/act_creatingcustomactivity.htm will guide you through the steps to create a custom activity.