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    Polling engine management


      Hi Lads,

      just have a few suggestions about things I'd love to see in future releases. NPM gives great visibility about network devices through graphs It would be great if the same monitoring methods could be used on the polling engine within the 'polling engines' web page.  I am aware that I can use the polling completion percentage in the database manager but this only gives me a single reference. Viewing a historical graph would give greater insight into the true behavior of the polling engines.

      Treating polling engine monitoring like node monitoring would be great. Hilighting outstanding queues (Also possibly highlighting how many missed polls per cycle)

      It would also help with the Black art of poller tuning, which is something I have become quite familiar with since buying our 2nd poller.   

      I'm sure there are plenty of other polling engine management features others can think of that they would like to see. Please feel free to add any suggestions to this topic.

      My main feature I would love to see has to be graphing the polling completion percentage