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    Integration with NCM


      We're currently testing a trial version of Orion NCM.  We like it and will probably purchase it, but we'd also like to demo NPM.  Do NCM and NPM integrate somehow, or are they used independently as two separate applications?  And if we want to purchase both products, are they sold as a bundle?


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          I'm really glad to hear that NCM is working out for you.   Yes, NCM integrates with NPM (see this page for more details).    As part of your NCM evaluation download, there should have been an "NCM-NPM integration" executable.    Once you've installed NPM evaluation, run the "NCM-NPM integration" executable on the same server to allow for NCM config management data (e.g. last X config changes) to be seen from within NPM.

          With respect to bundle pricing, there are certainly discounts available for purchasing multiple products.   You'll need to speak to a sale representative to get details on what's available.   Let me know if you're not working with one already and I'll have someone contact you.