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    Syslog server in NPM

      I have been asked to test the syslog server built into Orion NPM.  We'd like to use it as the one place that messages go to, and then we could search them for relavent messages.

      The problem is that the search boxes do not seem to operate the way I would expect.  For example, some of our messages (in the text of the message) refers to a specific device by IP address.  So I clicked in message pattern (since the IP reference is in the text of the message) and I would expect that it would filter out any messages that do not have that text in the message.  However it doesnt do that, it doesnt display any messages at all.

      Any advice appreciated.  I would love to recommend Orion as the solution for our syslog need, but I'm not convenced myself yet.

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          May have answered my own question.  I read through the documentation but I never read that you needed to use the "%" to limit your criteria.

          Where in the documentation could I find other switches like the % character?

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            My first experience with Orion's SYSLOG was terrible, but that was using NPM 8.x. It wasn't until around release NPM 9.1 SP5 that I tried it again and it works like a charm.

            You probably need to set up any RULE in the Orion interface named SYSLOG VIEWER. This is the area I define all my filtering and it always works and is very stable. I probably have over 500,000 events per day.

            The filter choices used in the Orion website view do work but it's just not user-friendly and I feel needs many improvements, not for functionality but for presentation.