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    NTA Problem with 6509 on CatOS


      Hi all,
      Does anyone know exactly what the msg

      "You have not enabled NetFlow data export on <ip address> device. For more  information, see "Enabling NetFlow and NetFlow Data Export (NDE) on Cisco  Catalyst Switches" in the Support - Product Documentation area of  www.solarwinds.com."

      actually means?

      I tried to enable netflow on a 6509 running catos using the same settings as a similar 6509 switch (which works fine) and I see this msg appear in NTA.  The only different between the switches is that this 6509 doesnt have any MSFC cards in it (the working one does) - we dont do any routing on this new switch.  Can I get netflow data out of this?

      Current config:



      set mls flow full

      set mls bridged-flow-statistics enable 1,19,460,619

      set mls nde version 5

      set mls nde <IP address of Orion> 2055

      set mls agingtime long-duration 128

      set mls agingtime 32

      set mls agingtime ipx 32

      set mls nde enable 


      Anyone got any ideas?  I have auto-add turned on - but NTA doesnt add the Netflow data - switch shows it's exporting flows fine.

      Thanks for any help!