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    MPLS layer traffic statistics


      I am using Orion NPM to monitor the MPLS WAN links. For each MPLS interface on Cisco 3845, 2 entries come up. For example, 'G0/1.2077' is the configured interface, and 'G0/1.2077-mpls layer' is the second entry shown the NFM. There are huge statistics differences between these 2 entries. In my case, the vlan 2077 is allocated 2M bandwidth. Traffic shaping is configured. The second entry(with MPLS layer) always shows over 400% link utiliztion; while the first one shows only 30% link utilization. The shaping is never seen active.
      Is this link really congested? How to understand the 'mpls layer' statistics?

      Any response is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.