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    Views for Unknown Devices (or generic net-snmp - Linux machine types)


      Views for nodes can be determined by the 'Views by Device Type', but that is dependent on the SNMP-derived Machine Type information obtained from a device.  We have a couple of devices which report "Unknown" (mostly Geist PDUs), or are "Unknown" because they are ICMP monitored (only).  We also have several different types of devices from IPS sensors, to Network General Sniffer Appliances, to Spam Firewalls that all report "net-snmp Linux" and because of that, we can't define custom views for each type of device.  An IPS sensor has different custom resources we'd like to display that isn't relevant to a Spam Firewall, etc.

      I'd like to see a way to manually specify what view a particular device will use.  An administrator can be using the "Views by Device Type", but under the "Edit Node" style of options, I'd like to see a manual drop-down of available views that will override/take presidence over the "by Device Type" settings.  This way, I can browse our Spam Firewalls, Edit Node, and manually chose the "Spam Firewall View" I have created and the "net-snmp Linux" by device type won't apply for this particular device.

      Surely, this is doable to code.  Would anyone else see value in this feature?  Thoughts?  Suggestions on how to address these kinds of view limitations today?