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    Monitoring disparate regions

      Please I would want to be real here.We did a demo for a financial institution we want to sell Solarwinds to.This went well, but there brought up an issue that involved;

      1.Can Solarwinds monitor their network at other regions,installed by other service provider,this has no link to their HQ network router 7200

      2.the Whatsupgold gives them a similar monitoring,but they ask what strong points can solarwind present against whatsupgold.

      3.I have been trying to figure out how i can get solarwinds to give me interfaces where we can see map view and device view ,just like whatsupgold does for them.

      What I have thought from my little experience is to group the services providers by IP and have it as a tree.If is possible to make maps for each network IP.


      Please would gladly be greatful for any suggestion.We have done POCs for some financial institutions but they need strong grounds to leave whatsupgold especially the simplicity they get from whatsupgold.


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          1- They would need to install a second instance of Orion NPM in these other regions if there is no connectivity between sites. EOC can be used to aggregate data in web console when you have multiple NPM instances but require the tcp port 17777 to be opened between sites which does not seem possible in your scenario.

          2- Whatsup gold seems to do only up/down monitor, not performance. NPM and modules are scalable (Polling Engine, Additional web server, Hot-Standby). See the comparison here with ipMonitor, it might help too.


          There are thousands of people on the forum including Product Manager,Developers and Tech Support to help you in case you need help beside usual support.

          3- Map Maker in NPM 9.1 can do this. It has been redesigned in NPM 9.5 (actually in Release Candidate, should be out soon) and provides many more features. There is a current example of Maps made with Map Maker on the online demo.


          Feel free to ask if you have any questions. You should contact your sales (engineer) rep as well to get help on how to present the product.



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              Unfortunately the IPAM does not do report on it's own.It would have been closer to what the client wants if at least we can group service provider by IP Addresses and then the IP monitor would generate report.

              The real life scenario is this, a service privder (say 21st Century) installed a WAN at one of the branches with IP block(, another provider (say Adama ISP) installed  another WAN with IP block of say(

              Now, these service providers provisioned WAn at various regions and they want to be monitored from the HQs.

              Please can u help us with a scenario and module we can use to monitor say bandwith from the service provider.

              The reason we are asking these is we want to make it convincing that Solarwinds can give the client a better ROI as against what they have presently.