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    Going back from cattools professional to free edition but unable to remove the license

      I am trying to go back to the free edition of cattools.

      In the past the free edition only allowed to use 5 devices, the current free edition allows 20 devices which is sufficient for me.

      In the past I purchased the professional edition of cattools, this version can no longer be purchased, its either the free or the enterprise edition.

      I completely uninstalled the cattools software and manually removed the remains in the registry under: HKLM\Software\Kiwi Enterprise\Cattools

      After a reboot I reinstalled the cattools free edition, which I downloaded from the website.

      If I try to start the cattools manager I get the error message:

      Warning! Your current software maintenance plan is not valid for this version.

      Please purchase a software maintenance plan extension, or install an older version.

      If you have new license details, press OK to enter them now.

      After this popup I have the option to "Enter New Details" in the licenseinformation. Clearing these fields is not accepted (old license info remains intact).

      It seems the license is stored somewhere outside of the installation directory or standard registry location.

      I am pretty sure that I have the correct version, my download is named: CatTools-v3-Free.zip but in the zipfile the installer is: Kiwi_CatTools_3.3.17.setup.exe

      I wonder if there are actually two different installers or that the difference is only determined by the enterprise licenseinformation.

      Does anyone have an idea how I can remove the old expired license?