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    SQL reports for IP SLA

      We have created several IP SLA jobs (mostly ping response times to various servers), and attached them to a bunch of routers using the Universal Poller.  I am now trying to write some reports using Access or Crystal Reports.  I see all the tables, and have been perusing through them.  I'm looking for the best tables to use for reporting the current status of the ping results from each router, and for doing monthly reports.  Anyone have any good suggestions for the best tables for this?

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          Hi Denver,

          The view CustomPollerStatistics compute stats from the Detail, Hourly and Daily tables for the UnDP.

          The tables in which you will find information about the UnDP are the following:

          CustomPollerAssignment (Mapping between CustomPollers, Nodes and CustomPollerStatistics)

          CustomPollerEnums (Contain mapping between Raw value (0,1,2) and Text Value (up, active, down, etc.) detailed in the MIB)

          CustomPollerLabels (Used for Get Table UnDP to label entries using another column)

          CustomPollerParsers (Static settings used by the UnDP)

          CustomPollers (Definition of your UnDP)

          CustomPollerScratchStatistics (Not sure :)

          CustomPollerStatistics_Detail (Covered by the above view)

          CustomPollerStatistics_Hourly (Covered by the above view)

          CustomPollerStatistics_Daily (Covered by the above view)

          CustomPollerStatus (Last value returned by the Poller)


          Hope that helps,