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    No Alerts work



      I have just moved Orion NPM to a new server, I have updated the polling engine in the database and NPM is collecting data and I can see cpu usage etc etc etc.

      My issue is that none of my alerts work, I have created the most basic alerts that write to the event log and nothing else and it just dosent do anything.  If I click the refresh test log it dosent show any output in the bottom box.

      This happens for all alerts.

      Have I missed something in the migration process.

      All guidance is helpful



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          Are all your Solarwinds SERVICES which are set to Automatic showing Started ?

          In Orion Service Manager does everything there show Running ?

          Did your HOSTNAME change ?

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              Yes the hostname changed,  I have updated this in the database in the engines table.

              All services are running. I checked in windows services and solarwinds service manager.

              Is there somewhere else in the database that I need to update the hostname? 




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                  Hi Cameron,

                  If you are using Basic Alerts, the following could help.

                  The ID of the Engine might have changed during the migration. Any new alerts will be assigned to the new engine automatically; however, some old alerts may still be assigned to the old engine.

                  1. Open the database in either Database Manager, or SQL Management Studio.
                  2. Open the Engines table. Take note of the Engine ID next to your new server.
                  3. Open the Alerts table as Read Write.
                  4. Change the Engine ID for each Alert to the Engine ID of your new server.

                  Let us know if that helps.