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    Database growth - SQL Express

      I'm planning a NPM installation for a customer for monitoring about 400 nodes, 2 interfaces per node and 40 volumes. Historical data will be kept for 2 yrs.

      Is it advisable to use SQL Express with 4GB limitation with default polling intervals?



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          I would recommend MS SQL Server, not SQL Express.  You will run into space issues in a couple of months, if not before that.  Keeping historical data for 2 years will use up a lot of space, assuming you mean all historical data such as alerts, traps, and syslogs.

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            Oliver White

            HI Klaus,


            It would be advisable to start with a proper SQL server due to the fact youwant to store data for 2 years. You will hit the limit of 4 GB eventually and then need to upgrade the SQL. You will avoid additional steps when starting with SQL Standard or Enterprise.


            I hope this has helped.

            Kind Regards